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Apr. 25th, 2004 @ 01:20 am Little 500
Head over to my other blog, here, for my thoughts on the race.
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Apr. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:24 am Right prediction, wrong time
"Fourteen years from now, when some wunderkind striker from Albuquerque is raising the World Cup trophy and signing with AC Milan for A-Rod-type money"

This is from Greg Lalas' article on MLSnet.com on how American goalkeepers are respected as world-class talents, but our deepest position, holding midfield (the o-linemen of soccer) are not well known.  That's not really important.  The important part is this little piece.  He's right.  But it will be in 6 years, not 14, the wunderkind striker will be from Washington.  But he might sign with AC Milan.
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Apr. 22nd, 2004 @ 11:08 am Amazing cutomer service
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I have to commend Audible for some great customer service.  I got a free trial subscription for them from iPodlounge. I decided to cancel the subscription yesterday, right before I had to pay for another month.  I expected to go through hell and high water in order to get them to cancel it.  But one phone call later, about 2 minutes after I got through to a rep, it's done.  Didn't try the hard sell to keep me subscribed.  Just took my username, verified my credit card number and that was it.
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Apr. 19th, 2004 @ 04:01 pm Big plug for Trillian
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Current Music: Wu Tang Clan - Shame on a Nigga
If you do not want to listen to me pimp a product (as the Gnome would say), then look away now.

Trillian is a client which allows you to use AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Internet Relay Chat and Yahoo! Messnger in one interface.  For those of you who have multiple messengers, Trillian allows you to save resources by opening up only one program to use five different mediums.  It offers some improvements over the regular clients such as message logging, containers, and contact renaming.  You can also talk securily using SecureIM with other Trillian users over your favorite medium.  Trillian does have some cons though.  Not all features available in the main clients are in Trillian.  AIM profiiles do not display the same in Trillian (well, sorta, look below).  Trillian is fully skinable, so if you want a new look for your instant messenger (or want to keep it like the rest of your operating system), Trillian should have something for you.

Trillian comes in two flavors.  Trillian Basic is currently at .74H (after patches) and the Cerulean Studios development team is currently working on a new version, although no timetable is given on the new version.  Trillian Basic is available for free.

Trillian Pro costs $25.  That $25 gives you a license to use Trillian Pro forever, and entitles you to any updates and new versions released within one year of your purchase.  You can pay again to continue to recieve updates.  You also recieve permanent access to the Trillian Members Forum (the rest of the forums are free) and the use of the ticketed support system for the one year.  Trillian Pro has many enhancements over Trillian Basic.  It also lets you download and install plugins, which expand the functionality of Trillian immensely (including one which allows you to see those pretty AIM profiles just as you would with the regular client), including adding new mediums such as Jabber and Novell GroupWise.

So download Basic (16 million have), give it a try, and possibly purchase Pro in the future.
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Apr. 18th, 2004 @ 08:26 pm I lied
Alright, I lied about The Hoosier Web. I'll probably still post there. And if I don't feel like saying anything to some jerk on there, I just won't say it at all.
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Apr. 16th, 2004 @ 10:33 am Disclaimer
I am now officially done with The Hoosier Web. 200 post and a scolding by some wacko, rack me, I am out. I'm posting this as a warning. I main continue to read some of the message boards there. And I may feel compelled to post replies to topics here. So if you see something really random that seems like I'm talking to someone else, it's because it should be posted on THW.
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Apr. 16th, 2004 @ 01:25 am The Ninja Hypothesis
The (now defunct, this is archived, no pics) Ninja Hypothesis states that all movies could be improved with this addition of one or more ninja. Interesting theory. It was detailed, but never really fleshed out.

Until Recess: School's Out

Recess features one scene where T.J. Detweiler and his friends are attempting to escape an evil ex-principal and Sect. of Ed. who is trying to ruin summer vacation by creating permenant winter. In the middle of the chase, a number of ninjas appear. Out of the blue. For no good reason.

Amazingly, it makes the movie better. Probably creates the quote of the movie when Gus Griswald exclaims "Ninjas! Why did it have to be ninjas?!"

Proof of the Ninja Hypothesis right there.
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Apr. 14th, 2004 @ 12:17 am More reasons I hate The Hoosier Web
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: D'Angelo - Crusin'
I know what you're thinking. "Haven't we been over this? Is this nerd ever gonna get it? It's a college message board. It'll never be how he likes it. He's just gonna get pissed off over something that will never change." Yeah it will never change. But now I'm going to forced to break my addiction to it. Here are more reasons THW sucks. These aren't the same type of things I mentioned before. These are more comments about the people who frequent the board. So please, if you're refered to in here by username (since I refuse to refer to these people by real name), be offended. Hopefully that will make some change. But I know it won't.

1. People are hooking up
The highly publicized romance between IrishMafia and iubabe06 really puts a damper on how I view the site. I really think this thing jumped the shark at the first THW party, where people started to meet each other. It just seems unnatural to talk to people on a message board when you have met them in real life. The idea is to move to more personal forms of communication. You should replace the message board. Instead, the content of the message board has changed drastically. A large amount of the posts are now personal conversations between two people about something that happened to them in real life (RL). (I'm getting to a point, give me a sec). A number of these instances are people hooking up, dating, going out, etc. Like IrishMafia and iubabe06. (I know the real names of these people but will refuse to use them not on the grounds of respecting privacy but on the grounds that people whom I've conversed with on a message board are not real people and thus should only be refered to by screen name) People should just not hook up after meeting on a message board. As a matter of fact, THW shouldn't have thrown the party. Or if it did, the dynamic of the board should have changed. It should have slown down a bit. People should meet and take these stuff off the board. Instead, I have to see the avatar of these two making out on every post iubabe06 makes.

2. I don't see how this thing is going to get new members
If this site should survive the summer (which I fear it has the critical mass to do so), new freshmen will be attempting to join a community without coming in on the ground floor, as everyone who joined by January did with THW. They will find this difficult due to the Axis. I'll interrupt this post to bitch about the Axis.

3. Did you really need an "Axis"?
Apperently, a number of "HoosierWebbers" have dubed themselves "the Axis" or "the Axis of Evil". Nazi and terrorist reference (while well deserved) aside, was this neccessary? By having a group of members arbitrarily decide that they will a type of governing body for the organization can only breed bad things.

2. cont.
Having an Axis means you break the group in two: memebers of the Axis and non-members of the Axis. Members of the Axis attempt to enforce their own rules on the board. The rules aren't anywhere in an TOS that I've seen. They also seem to dislike lurkers for some reason. Well newsflash, lurking is the best way to learn about a community. Now when these people try to post, if they don't follow the guidelines of the Axis, which they sorta have to guess because, and i'm going out a limb here, the Axis isn't going to publish it's rules. So after someone gets shot down a few times, they'll stop posting and you lose members.

4. Premium subscriptions, need I say more?
Basically, this was a horrible idea. Accept donations, sell ads, anything. But seperating people in a volitile community is a stupid idea, and I'm amazed it hasn't blown up yet. It will shortly. People who support the site by posting and clicks ads even will be branded as "theives" because they aren't paying for the site. If this doesn't happen, I'll be surprised. These also goes back to attracting new members. If new members are pressured to pay instantly without experiencing the free site features, then they'll leave. It's a soft pitch right now, but should costs go up without more people buying subscriptions, look out, the hard sell is on its way.

So hopefully someone important over there reads this. I'll get flamed to death. But that's ok. Because I'm pretty much done with that site. Maybe there's a better IU community for me. Maybe not. Oh well.
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Apr. 11th, 2004 @ 09:28 pm The RIAA just doesn't get it.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the RIAA is discussing ways to raise the price of online music downloads. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have embraced iTunes as much as my wallet will allow. I'm not breaking the law, the songs are all high-quality, I'm guaranteed to get what I want, I receive the album art with the songs, and in general it's a good experience. But this seems to be an industry that will not learn.

Instead of using new trust and satisfaction through giving customers what they want to build more long-term customers, the RIAA seems to have decided that legal music downloads a fad to be exploited. Raising costs of tracks is stupid. "Bundling hit songs with other less desirable songs" is ludicrous. Online music downloads are not a fad. They are a welcome change is the way music is marketed, distributed and sold. Yet now the RIAA wants to return to the old model, just with different distribution and less marginal costs.

The whole point of buying music online is to be able to have a hit song without being forced to buy other songs with it. The RIAA needs to embrace this to survive. It still believes in "the album" as its basic unit of sale. No longer. No matter what your attitude toward the change is, it would be tough to argue this point. Yet the RIAA seems to refuse to sell us what we want.

Just an added point. The Grey Album, the groundbreaking remix of Jay-Z's The Black Album by DJ Dangermouse could have made tons of money for the RIAA and one of its labels. And yet they refused to participate. As a result, most of the hundreds of thousands of people (perhaps millions) who have a copy of this album obtained it illegally instead of support the artist, which many would have surely done. So not only does the RIAA tell us what we want, it tells us how we want it as well.
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Apr. 9th, 2004 @ 11:10 am Easter at college
Many people here at IU are heading home for the Easter holiday, or just for the long weekend (not like the weekend is really any longer than it normally is, but bear with me). But not all of us are. Many of us are going to have to soldier through the weekend at a deserted campus. So here's my little survival guide to surviving weekends at college when everyone else has left. DISCLAIMER: Most of this is preached, not practiced.

1. Walk around naked.
Most likely your roommate is gone. So take advantage of it. Air dry after showers. Watch tv in the buff. Sleep in the nude. Unless you have really open and free roommates, you probably can't do this all the time. And while your naked...

2. Get laid. A lot.
Your roommate is gone. No chance of being walked in on. No will get angry for being kicked out and forced to sleep in the lounge or someone else's floor. So invite the ladyfriend over. Before she comes, set out some candles, put the champagne on ice. No need to hurry. And have her come back the next night.

3. Stock up, you'll need it.
"It" is alcohol. Parties are hard to come by when everyone is gone. So make your own. If you live in the dorms, your RA is probably gone for a rare weekend. The cops are relaxing a bit on a slow weekend before gearing up for Little 500. So take advantage. Get a 21 year old (or just do it yourself if your old enough/bold enough to use a fake) to get you some stuff (I recommend Sam's Club). Invite a few people over, put the music on. Move to tip #2 later. Try to avoid tip #1 until the party is over, unless that's your thing. Repeat the next day.

4. Take advantage of the lack of crowds.
Never able to study in the library? Can't get the machines you want in order you need them to do your workout at the gym? No one's here, so you'll have it all to yourself.

5. Let out your anger.
We all have things we do which piss off those around us. Namely, the things we have to not do in order to avoid open hostilities with a roommate. So if it's frustrating keeping it all in, let it out. If it's not washing dishes immediatly, playing that Bohemian Polka Rap collection you love, or making the whoopee with your girlfriend on the sofa, go ahead and do it. Just clean the sofa afterwards.

Hopefully this will get you through the weekend. Of course, if worst comes to worst, you can all ways bail and run home on Friday.
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